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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Diablo 3 Demon Hunters - Basic Overview

Demon Hunters, in Diablo 3, are those who will took their swords up, during the wake of destruction. The demon hunters were bound to take vengeance for every bit of blood that was spilled. This was the time when the people lost all their hopes, as the bloody landscape took all the loved ones away. The hunters chose to be banded together, and then stood up against the wrath of the demons. Demon hunters had developed a significant amount of hatred for the demons, because of their cruelty towards mankind. This hatred empowers the hunters to gather and fight against the cruel acts of the demons. You can find all this and more in Diablo 3 demon hunter guide.

The hatred also lightens up the rage of the hunters to be unleashed on the demons. In fact, their rage was such that it will destroy any creature that comes in their way. Hunters can withstand any difficulty that will be put in front of them. They are considered as the hunt masters, because they learn various art and techniques of hunting. Hunters would possess the art of predicting what the enemy would plan to do next, and they would prepare traps, on the basis of their predictions. However, the hunters should always ensure that the balance is being maintained properly between the forces that have opposed. A Diablo 3 demon hunter’s guide will tell you that discipline and hatred should go together, if the hunters would want to survive and, at the same time, ensure that the enemies are exterminated.

The armor

A strong armory is the first and foremost requirement for a hunter. To become the demon hunter that has shadows, an apprentice hunter would first need armor and hood made of leather. When the apprentice hunters would progress in their tasks, then they have every right to get a suited armor. This armor is such that a number of lethal arrows together will still not be able to conceal it. Hunters can always predict the power of the onslaught, so, this enables them to prepare for it. All their vitals will be protected, as they are covered by the leather made armor.

Choice of weapon

The hunters always fire with a sole purpose of slaughtering the enemy. So, they would always choose something that can hit hard and with accuracy. A crossbow, with rapid fire abilities, will always be the preferred choice of a versed hunter.  Hunters will also consider choosing the quick reload and hand-crossbow. All these weapons are capable to kill the demons in just one strike. Some mystical powers are assorted in each of these arrows that will be enforced automatically, every time the hunter will unsheathe the arrows.

They master the skills of using the crossbows to bombard the demons. Demon hunters have such skills that they can use numerous arrows in just a blink of the eye. The enemy would even not be given a chance to think how to defend. Many a time, when the enemy would surround the hunters, then the hunters would make use of their shadow magic and trusty cloaks in order to maintain a proper distance. So, they can go back to a position from where they can fire the crossbow to slaughter the demons.

Exciting features and specs of Demon Hunters

Close contact with the enemy will often be avoided, by the demon hunters, because they require sufficient space to use their crossbows. It is the feature of the hunters that they maintain a distance, from their enemies, to make sure that they eliminate them, without getting close to them. Crossbows are the favorite and most appreciated weapons for the demon hunters, which they use for assassinating the demons. However, the hunters are also presented with a group of other major weaponry, but they prefer the crossbows, above all. The other weapons include hand-thrown weapons, grenades etc.

Apart from weaponry, the hunters possess some mystical powers like the shadow magic. It allows them to be the stealth masters. They can easily fade into the mist or darkness, and they can silently kill the demons, through their shadows. When the opponents are powerful and they outnumber the hunters, then the demon hunters would often set up traps for their enemy. They will set up mines, and set up other traps to weaken up the enemy foes, and, obviously, to debilitate them.