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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Experiences With Leveling And Strategy Guides For Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Logo Wallpaper
So I assume you came to this blog post looking for Guild Wars 2 leveling guides. Fortunately, you came to the right place. There's a lot of false advertising going on, and I'll try to tell you what my experiences with GW2 guides are.

One of the questions I often see asked on GW forums are about the usefulness of leveling or strategy guides. While it sure is a valid question, some players frequently flame others for asking it thinking these guides are only for absolute beginners in the game.

However that's completely untrue. I've read several Guild Wars 2 guides and I can safely say they are useful to both beginners and even advanced players. The content usually found in these leveling guides is not limited to quests and such, but rather they contain a full range of quality strategies and information about the game which is usually a lot better than anything else you can find for free.

Guild Wars 2 Races WallpaperSo basically, I very much like this game and enjoy playing it, unlike most other MMORPGs I've tried in the past couple of years. It's not overly complicated, but there are a lot of mechanics, stats and ability options and I wanted to know all about each and every one of them. So I went ahead and got myself a Guild Wars 2 guide. And I'm not talking about those free leveling guides for beginners you can find around: this is a very detailed, paid guide which was definitely worth downloading.

I was actually quite surprised  by the amount of content in the strategy guide I got (I'm not going to reveal exactly which guide it is because I want to keep it to myself =p), and didn't regret purchasing it. It had plenty of information about crafting, professions and PvP, but the most important part is that it helped me level up my character faster than I ever thought possible. Just by following the levelling guide inside I was able to easily gain one level per hour MINIMUM which I think it quite impressive. In some areas I was getting almost two levels every hour, and I powerleveled up to the cap within a week.

GW2 Elementalist Wallpaper
I suppose I may have missed a few things in the game because I leveled up so fast, but I can always go back and see some areas later. It's even easier to do it on max level with awesome epic gear because I don't have to worry about ganking at all =)

Anyways I won't tell you exactly which guide I was leveling with because you can easily find it yourself, plus these guides always get updated with new content so what may be a top guide this month may not be the best next month. Just take a look at sites like Guild Wars leveling guide and see which ones are best. The reviews and comparisons of all the guides that are available, plus some free ones will surely be enough to help you learn the ins and outs of this game quickly.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crafting in The Old Republic - Basic Explanation

In the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, not only are you able to discover the world of the galactic empire, but you get to play them as well. In the game there are three different crew skills; gathering, crafting and mission. Each with a different characteristic and skills for every advanced class.

In the game concept, crafting issued by the player by which he or she can have up to 5 companions. And for the 5 crafted companions, each can also craft 5 more tasks added to their queue. In crafting, your crew will be able make different weapons, defensive armors and other useful equipments and items. But in order to command your crew to make this task, you need resources to begin with. That is why part of your team should have gathering skills.

After making items through crafting, you may use these items either for yourself or you could put it on the market. In order to monitor the development of your crafting skills, you will have crafting reports from your crafting team. The report will include the rate of production and items produced. Even though you’re away from your ship, you could still receive reports. You can do this by assigning someone else to start crafting the gathered resources on the ship’s workstation.

Crafting is a very unique and disciplined skill. There are three special skills in crafting; Armortech, Artifice and Biochem. In armortech, you will be able to build equipments from metals and electronic defenses. With armortech you can also build all sorts of personal armor for your advanced classes and troopers. In artifice, this skill allows you to build Jedi and Sith Artifacts. In Biochem, this special skill allows you to make chemicals that enhances performances of your advanced classes. This also allows you to make serums and biological implants that boost power and energy of your troopers.

Companions are vital in the Old Republic and Crew Skills system. Crafting is an important skill among the three crew skills system, this is because most players would want to develop crafting as a primary skill as it allows developing weapons and items used for combat operations. But according to the game concept, light sabers cannot be produced by crafting; there is a different special skill on how to make light sabers.

Among the three special skills in crafting, the armstech is the most popular and very much chosen. The armstech allows the player to yield metals and electronics for weapons and defensive equipments. The resources gathered, like alloys and synthetic materials are used to make blasters and assault cannons. In order to make these materials, you need gathering skills for your team, but later on can make them help in crafting. Gathering the correct materials is key in order to make the weapons.

In playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different Crew Skills. Choosing which skill you would like to specialize will allow you to create a powerful team to combat the enemy. But a perfect combination is when you crafting as a specialized skill and harnessing correct materials to create strong weapons.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Diablo 3 Demon Hunters - Basic Overview

Demon Hunters, in Diablo 3, are those who will took their swords up, during the wake of destruction. The demon hunters were bound to take vengeance for every bit of blood that was spilled. This was the time when the people lost all their hopes, as the bloody landscape took all the loved ones away. The hunters chose to be banded together, and then stood up against the wrath of the demons. Demon hunters had developed a significant amount of hatred for the demons, because of their cruelty towards mankind. This hatred empowers the hunters to gather and fight against the cruel acts of the demons. You can find all this and more in Diablo 3 demon hunter guide.

The hatred also lightens up the rage of the hunters to be unleashed on the demons. In fact, their rage was such that it will destroy any creature that comes in their way. Hunters can withstand any difficulty that will be put in front of them. They are considered as the hunt masters, because they learn various art and techniques of hunting. Hunters would possess the art of predicting what the enemy would plan to do next, and they would prepare traps, on the basis of their predictions. However, the hunters should always ensure that the balance is being maintained properly between the forces that have opposed. A Diablo 3 demon hunter’s guide will tell you that discipline and hatred should go together, if the hunters would want to survive and, at the same time, ensure that the enemies are exterminated.

The armor

A strong armory is the first and foremost requirement for a hunter. To become the demon hunter that has shadows, an apprentice hunter would first need armor and hood made of leather. When the apprentice hunters would progress in their tasks, then they have every right to get a suited armor. This armor is such that a number of lethal arrows together will still not be able to conceal it. Hunters can always predict the power of the onslaught, so, this enables them to prepare for it. All their vitals will be protected, as they are covered by the leather made armor.

Choice of weapon

The hunters always fire with a sole purpose of slaughtering the enemy. So, they would always choose something that can hit hard and with accuracy. A crossbow, with rapid fire abilities, will always be the preferred choice of a versed hunter.  Hunters will also consider choosing the quick reload and hand-crossbow. All these weapons are capable to kill the demons in just one strike. Some mystical powers are assorted in each of these arrows that will be enforced automatically, every time the hunter will unsheathe the arrows.

They master the skills of using the crossbows to bombard the demons. Demon hunters have such skills that they can use numerous arrows in just a blink of the eye. The enemy would even not be given a chance to think how to defend. Many a time, when the enemy would surround the hunters, then the hunters would make use of their shadow magic and trusty cloaks in order to maintain a proper distance. So, they can go back to a position from where they can fire the crossbow to slaughter the demons.

Exciting features and specs of Demon Hunters

Close contact with the enemy will often be avoided, by the demon hunters, because they require sufficient space to use their crossbows. It is the feature of the hunters that they maintain a distance, from their enemies, to make sure that they eliminate them, without getting close to them. Crossbows are the favorite and most appreciated weapons for the demon hunters, which they use for assassinating the demons. However, the hunters are also presented with a group of other major weaponry, but they prefer the crossbows, above all. The other weapons include hand-thrown weapons, grenades etc.

Apart from weaponry, the hunters possess some mystical powers like the shadow magic. It allows them to be the stealth masters. They can easily fade into the mist or darkness, and they can silently kill the demons, through their shadows. When the opponents are powerful and they outnumber the hunters, then the demon hunters would often set up traps for their enemy. They will set up mines, and set up other traps to weaken up the enemy foes, and, obviously, to debilitate them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Classes of Tera: Warrior

The Warrior, the one that takes the front line in any battle with his weapon of choice, the twin swords, slicing through his prey like a loaf of bread, making them plead for mercy from his slashing and stabbing especially when he dances with them. His armor is light for better functioning with both swords and his role in the group would be your tank.

With pride, the Warrior takes his position in front of the enemy dealing much damage with his deadly swords. He is agile, while weaving out of enemy groups and slicing the ones that get in his way. This character is not one to play the waiting game, their goal is to jump right into the action, take out as many enemies as possible, then praise their swords for such swift action of the mounds of enemies that lay beneath their feet.

If a blow is to a class they might lose their aggro, therefore the warrior has the ability to roll to evade their enemies. This character is able to sneak attack their enemy when doing a roll they can come up behind one and strike their enemy from behind, killing their unrepentant victim. The warrior is one to always be on the front line of the battlefield, and the only direction they travel after the front line, is forward. This character is not one to flee from fear, but to charge with power.

Their armor may be light, but their attack ability is not. The Warrior uses both hands to deal damage and ultimately death to his enemies by his fearful twin swords. His light armor is great for his grace and speed of his attack, while his blades stun, stab, and slice the opponents. They are able to move out of their opponents view very quickly, then when the enemy’s back is turned, they strike causing damage to their prey.

This character loves to play with their swords, using them to move in and out on the battlefield by a mere slice of a hand or two. Even when the enemies do not blink, they are still surprised by the attack of the warrior, slicing them and ultimately demolishing them on the battlefront. The special ability to dodge opponents and leap out of sight, gives them invincibility to the attack of an enemy. Their fighting ability increases as their level does; however, with having the agility with their blades they do not need much increase in their game play.

Even though the warrior has speed and agility they still need the help from a mystic, priest, or sorcerer to heal from the blows of enemies or protect them when they are in a bind. Having twin swords and little to no armor, proves to be a disaster unless there is a healing hand around to help out. This character can only move but so fast and when placed against many enemies they might not get the chance to leap out of harms way, thus doing better in team play than solo.