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Friday, April 13, 2012

Classes of Tera: Warrior

The Warrior, the one that takes the front line in any battle with his weapon of choice, the twin swords, slicing through his prey like a loaf of bread, making them plead for mercy from his slashing and stabbing especially when he dances with them. His armor is light for better functioning with both swords and his role in the group would be your tank.

With pride, the Warrior takes his position in front of the enemy dealing much damage with his deadly swords. He is agile, while weaving out of enemy groups and slicing the ones that get in his way. This character is not one to play the waiting game, their goal is to jump right into the action, take out as many enemies as possible, then praise their swords for such swift action of the mounds of enemies that lay beneath their feet.

If a blow is to a class they might lose their aggro, therefore the warrior has the ability to roll to evade their enemies. This character is able to sneak attack their enemy when doing a roll they can come up behind one and strike their enemy from behind, killing their unrepentant victim. The warrior is one to always be on the front line of the battlefield, and the only direction they travel after the front line, is forward. This character is not one to flee from fear, but to charge with power.

Their armor may be light, but their attack ability is not. The Warrior uses both hands to deal damage and ultimately death to his enemies by his fearful twin swords. His light armor is great for his grace and speed of his attack, while his blades stun, stab, and slice the opponents. They are able to move out of their opponents view very quickly, then when the enemy’s back is turned, they strike causing damage to their prey.

This character loves to play with their swords, using them to move in and out on the battlefield by a mere slice of a hand or two. Even when the enemies do not blink, they are still surprised by the attack of the warrior, slicing them and ultimately demolishing them on the battlefront. The special ability to dodge opponents and leap out of sight, gives them invincibility to the attack of an enemy. Their fighting ability increases as their level does; however, with having the agility with their blades they do not need much increase in their game play.

Even though the warrior has speed and agility they still need the help from a mystic, priest, or sorcerer to heal from the blows of enemies or protect them when they are in a bind. Having twin swords and little to no armor, proves to be a disaster unless there is a healing hand around to help out. This character can only move but so fast and when placed against many enemies they might not get the chance to leap out of harms way, thus doing better in team play than solo.

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