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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crafting in The Old Republic - Basic Explanation

In the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, not only are you able to discover the world of the galactic empire, but you get to play them as well. In the game there are three different crew skills; gathering, crafting and mission. Each with a different characteristic and skills for every advanced class.

In the game concept, crafting issued by the player by which he or she can have up to 5 companions. And for the 5 crafted companions, each can also craft 5 more tasks added to their queue. In crafting, your crew will be able make different weapons, defensive armors and other useful equipments and items. But in order to command your crew to make this task, you need resources to begin with. That is why part of your team should have gathering skills.

After making items through crafting, you may use these items either for yourself or you could put it on the market. In order to monitor the development of your crafting skills, you will have crafting reports from your crafting team. The report will include the rate of production and items produced. Even though you’re away from your ship, you could still receive reports. You can do this by assigning someone else to start crafting the gathered resources on the ship’s workstation.

Crafting is a very unique and disciplined skill. There are three special skills in crafting; Armortech, Artifice and Biochem. In armortech, you will be able to build equipments from metals and electronic defenses. With armortech you can also build all sorts of personal armor for your advanced classes and troopers. In artifice, this skill allows you to build Jedi and Sith Artifacts. In Biochem, this special skill allows you to make chemicals that enhances performances of your advanced classes. This also allows you to make serums and biological implants that boost power and energy of your troopers.

Companions are vital in the Old Republic and Crew Skills system. Crafting is an important skill among the three crew skills system, this is because most players would want to develop crafting as a primary skill as it allows developing weapons and items used for combat operations. But according to the game concept, light sabers cannot be produced by crafting; there is a different special skill on how to make light sabers.

Among the three special skills in crafting, the armstech is the most popular and very much chosen. The armstech allows the player to yield metals and electronics for weapons and defensive equipments. The resources gathered, like alloys and synthetic materials are used to make blasters and assault cannons. In order to make these materials, you need gathering skills for your team, but later on can make them help in crafting. Gathering the correct materials is key in order to make the weapons.

In playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different Crew Skills. Choosing which skill you would like to specialize will allow you to create a powerful team to combat the enemy. But a perfect combination is when you crafting as a specialized skill and harnessing correct materials to create strong weapons.