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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Experiences With Leveling And Strategy Guides For Guild Wars 2

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So I assume you came to this blog post looking for Guild Wars 2 leveling guides. Fortunately, you came to the right place. There's a lot of false advertising going on, and I'll try to tell you what my experiences with GW2 guides are.

One of the questions I often see asked on GW forums are about the usefulness of leveling or strategy guides. While it sure is a valid question, some players frequently flame others for asking it thinking these guides are only for absolute beginners in the game.

However that's completely untrue. I've read several Guild Wars 2 guides and I can safely say they are useful to both beginners and even advanced players. The content usually found in these leveling guides is not limited to quests and such, but rather they contain a full range of quality strategies and information about the game which is usually a lot better than anything else you can find for free.

Guild Wars 2 Races WallpaperSo basically, I very much like this game and enjoy playing it, unlike most other MMORPGs I've tried in the past couple of years. It's not overly complicated, but there are a lot of mechanics, stats and ability options and I wanted to know all about each and every one of them. So I went ahead and got myself a Guild Wars 2 guide. And I'm not talking about those free leveling guides for beginners you can find around: this is a very detailed, paid guide which was definitely worth downloading.

I was actually quite surprised  by the amount of content in the strategy guide I got (I'm not going to reveal exactly which guide it is because I want to keep it to myself =p), and didn't regret purchasing it. It had plenty of information about crafting, professions and PvP, but the most important part is that it helped me level up my character faster than I ever thought possible. Just by following the levelling guide inside I was able to easily gain one level per hour MINIMUM which I think it quite impressive. In some areas I was getting almost two levels every hour, and I powerleveled up to the cap within a week.

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I suppose I may have missed a few things in the game because I leveled up so fast, but I can always go back and see some areas later. It's even easier to do it on max level with awesome epic gear because I don't have to worry about ganking at all =)

Anyways I won't tell you exactly which guide I was leveling with because you can easily find it yourself, plus these guides always get updated with new content so what may be a top guide this month may not be the best next month. Just take a look at sites like Guild Wars leveling guide and see which ones are best. The reviews and comparisons of all the guides that are available, plus some free ones will surely be enough to help you learn the ins and outs of this game quickly.

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