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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multiple Characters with Limited Playtime.

I’m nearing 20 on my Slayer, having just hit 18 this morning. I feel sort of bad, since I haven’t been playing my Shadow Warrior lately, being caught up in the Slayer mania. Usually about this time, I start to feel an itch to play an alt. Of course, this is also strongly influenced by the talk in the forums I am a regular poster on. Recently, the topic has shifted to Chosen, and how badass they are.

So now, I’m itching to play a Chosen again. This cycle has already occurred several times, and each time I end up rolling another alt. This accounts for my Witch Hunter, White Lion, Shadow Warrior, Knob, and Warrior Priest. Yes, I know I have a problem. On destro, I had this happen to a much lesser extent. I only seriously tried out a Black Orc, Chosen, Blackguard and Marauder.

I also quit playing characters because of weird, niggling complaints that really mess with me mentally. For example, I quit my Chosen because I didn’t like the way his shield or two-hand sword clipped through his armor. Also, some of the graphical effects turned me off with how “bright” they were. Ravage, for example.
Anyway…I’m rambling again. Back to the erstwhile topic. I really want to rank up both my SW and my Slayer, but I have less time to play. I like to play my Slayer during prime time in the evenings, since the most ORvR goes on around this time. Also, scenario pops are much quicker. So it’s a lot easier to get RvR in between quests. I really want to rank my Slayer up as quickly as possible, so I can play more with my guild at T4.

But I also don’t want my SW to fall by the wayside. From an efficiency standpoint, whichever I play, I need to play at night. I  enjoy the change of pace from melee to ranged. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that I’m not getting the full experience until I hit at least rank 26 or so, when more Mastery abilities are available to me. Sometimes I wish I could skip leveling, if only so I can start trying out all those theroryhammered career builds on wardb. Alas, this can not be the case.

First, I have no interested in powerleveling, and second, WAR is a game that really rewards investment in a single character. It’s no accident that the character you play most ends up with the most tome unlocks, titles, gear and gold.
I guess I’m just overanalyzing this. I should just shut up, play what I feel like, and have fun with the game. It’s the min-maxer in me talking. I guess its because I have less time to play that I want to make the most efficient use of my playtime. This post has rambled enough, so I guess I’ll cut it short for now. If you are still reading this, I thank you.

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