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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, that was quick.

So on day three of Bitter Rivals, I have completed all but four quests for the event. All I have to do now is kill 10 players in ORVR, /swear at the enemy careers, a kill quest in the Twisting Tower, and finishing a DvG PQ. I must admit I’m surprised at how fast the influence is filling up. Surprisingly, thanks to the addition of Choppa and Slayer npcs in the RvR lakes, doing the “kill 25 Greenskins/Dwarfs” quest was pretty easy. 

I thought that only players would count towards this quest, but hey, whatever works. The npcs also drop the “fallen weapons” needed for another task. I want to point out that I did see piles of “scavenged weapons” in different locations that you can rightclick to get quest items as well. I also picked up a Notched Choppa that gave me the “Grimnir’s Own” title off one of the mobs.

This is in addition to the “Doom Seeker” title that is the basic reward for the event. It’s too bad I can’t transfer titles to another character, as they would have been great on my Slayer. I wonder if Mythic will ever allow title transfer, as the event titles seem more appropriate for the new careers.

Some problems with the new patch though, for one the Auction House no longer accepts partial search terms like “dust” or “water”. I used to be able to input just “water” and see all the different types of Apothecary Waters available. This no longer works. I have bug reported it, let’s hope this gets fixed soon. Other than that, the renewal of the mail system helps tremendously. Being able to send several items at once through the mail is great.

I also vendored some stacks of leeches and ticks that I did not know I could convert. So I missed out on some possible rare dyes. Oh well, it’s a perk I can live without. Still it would have been cool to have some black dyes.

Tier 2 was pretty dead this morning on my server, but then again you can’t expect full pops at odd hours. With any luck I’ll get in on a keep siege and get my last few quests done and be ready for the Slayer early release. Wish me luck.

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