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Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Slayer Impressions.

All right, just hit Rank 11 on Khazgar. Here’s a few quick personal notes on the class:

1. Zomg DAMAGE! This little ball of fury really puts out the dps, whether is be dual-wield fury or with a hefty two-hander. The AoE is great too, when you get a small gang of these guys together and toss out AoE in a coordinated manner, people die. I think this aspect of the class really shines, kudos to Mythic for giving us the capability to be “linebreakers” We break the enemy line all right, we break it dead.

2. That hurt! Man I feel squishy sometimes. I understand it’s the price we pay for putting out so much hurt, but I can’t help but wonder is the 50% armor/resist debuff in full zerk is too much. Especially in T4. With certain specs relying on being in full zerk most of the time, I can see waves of Slayers/Choppas getting cut down by random AoE before they ever reach the battle lines. Of course, it’s still early in the life of the career, and perhaps we will see an adjustment to this mechanic. Let’s hope Mythic is listening.

3. I really wish some skills were not restricted to Dual-wield or 2-Hander only. For example, Deathblow. I love it. Hits like a truck, and when used after a Rank one morale it can cut down almost anything that’s not a tank. However, the 30 sec cooldown is a bit long, and I wish I could use it even when dual-wielding. Also, most of the good stuff in the Skavenslayer path is DW only, while Giantslayer is 2-hander. I’d like to see a bit more synergy between the paths, I guess.

4. In general, I find the class super enjoyable. So much so that I’m considering just focusing on RvR, with PvE being my thing to do when it’s slow. As a mostly solo player, I tend to play PvE more, but this guy is so fun I’m making it my goal to earn the Devastator set in T3, which requires I hit Rank 28 with 25RR. Something tells me that’s easier said than done, but I might be up to it. Heh.

I should hit 12 tonight, and once I do that, I’m going to finish up the T1 Dwarf area quests before I head out to the Marshes of Madness. Once I get to 14, I’m starting the RvR drive once again. Sweet Mourkain Temple, how I’ve missed you.

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